Benefits of second hand nappies

Previous owner of The Used Nappy Company, Sarah Bennett says ‘buying second-hand has many benefits, whether it be clothes or washable nappies’.

Here are just a few of the key reasons:

  • Buying second-hand usually means getting items cheaper than buying brand new – great for many mums’ budgets, especially in these credit crunch times.
  • It is environmentally friendly as items get used again rather than being thrown away into landfill.
  • Babies and young children grow quickly and can soon be out of expensive items (some brand new nappies cost £15 each); grab a second-hand preloved bargain instead.
  • If you are interested in trying a different brand, buy one second-hand first to check whether you like it and whether it suits your needs/fits baby well.

Think about it: recycling makes so much sense! Our mothers did it, our grandmothers did it… although our motivations may have changed today.

Whether your standpoint is primarily the environment or to save money, either way, everyone’s a winner. Make a positive move to benefit both you and the planet.

If you haven’t used washable nappies before, here’s something else to think about:

  • 8 million nappies are thrown away every day in Britain
  • 90% of these end up in landfill where they (and their contents of course) may sit for hundreds of years
  • They do not biodegrade - the larger part of conventional disposables are synthetic and not biodegradable
  • We do not know how long it takes for the plastics in disposable nappies to decompose but it could take hundreds of years - this means that every disposable nappy ever made is rotting in the ground (if it hasn't been incinerated).