Getting started with cloth nappies – a beginner’s guide

Making the decision to use cloth nappies might feel a bit daunting at first. However, using cloth nappies isn’t difficult, it’s just different. Here’s everything you need to know about cloth nappies – how they work, how to look after them, and answers to some of the common questions that come up. How do cloth […]

Types of Cloth Nappy: Which One Should I Choose?

When you’re first getting started with cloth nappies, the range of different types can seem overwhelming. All-in-ones? Pocket? Flat? Fitted? Fear not — the ideal nappy for you, your baby, and your situation is out there. Read on for a run-down on different nappies, their advantages and disadvantages, and some tips on finding what works […]

So your nappies are stinky? Why and how to strip cloth nappies

Have your hitherto reliable nappies begun leaking unexpectedly, or coming out of the wash a bit stinky? While stripping your cloth nappies isn’t always the right solution, sometimes it might give your nappies a whole new lease of life. Read on to find out when you might need to strip your nappies, how to go […]

8 reasons to choose cloth nappies

Cloth nappies are awesome and loved by many. Here are some of our reasons for choosing reusable cloth nappies: 1. Save money in the long term Although for some, the initial investment in cloth nappies can seem expensive or a lot of money up front, the overall saving over the course of a child’s time […]