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Hi, my name is Jem, but you might already know that if you’ve caught some of my updates on facebook or twitter this week.

Phew – I can’t tell you what a journey this has been… about one week ago I finalised the site transfer process with Sarah so that I could take over Used Nappies and refresh & relaunch, and since then I’ve had a few stumbling blocks to contend with!

Firstly, the site software was out of date, and the upgrade proved so problematic that I had to do a fresh install. This was the fastest, most secure way of getting the site up and running in a short space of time so as not to compromise the integrity of the domain with Google.

Secondly, I’ve had a monster of a battle getting the new PayPal integration working. Partly bad documentation in the new plugin, partly my ignorance and stubbornness, and partly PayPal’s never-ending trail of documentation – but that was sorted this afternoon and PayPal has approved the new bits and bobs, so payment on the site should now be easier and faster. No waiting around for payments, no accumulating debt to pay back later on.

Thirdly, the user list, which was lost from the site when I reinstalled, had to be sorted and verified before we could mail out to users to let them know the site has been redeveloped. Lots of unexpected time and cost involved here.

This all sounds negative but it’s really not – it’s a positive step to relaunching and getting the site thriving full of awesome cloth nappies ready to be sold.

I look forward to hearing your feedback. Any questions, queries or suggestions do get in touch!

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